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We achieve

We produce

We succeed

We have created an interlocking network of best-practice programs to support our boys at every stage of their development, from Kindergarten through middle school.

We provide comprehensive supports, offering exceptional education that includes social emotional development. 


Get To Know Us

Imagine Me operates an outstanding charter school that closes the achievement gap and prepare students and communities to succeed.

IMLCS has achieved unprecedented success, in closing the instructional gap and enhancing the education of our students through our innovative and effective programs.

Our goal is simple—to give our boys the individualized support they need to get to and through college and become productive, self-sustaining adults. At IMLCS we expect high parent interaction between parents and our school. It takes a village to raise our children. 

We heal

We Rebuild

We are partnering deeply with the community, make sure the needs of our children and families are met, and build a culture of success.

We step-up

Because a child’s first years in school are critical for later success, IMLCS has developed a series of interconnected early childhood programs.

We Shape

With the support of our dedicated staff, our youth are developing the grit and perseverance they need to achieve their dreams and be their best selves.

College Is the Answer

We have high expectations for every child, so our goal is to make sure each one gets to and through college and has the opportunities and tools to live a meaningful, productive life.

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