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Principal's Welcome


One of the most important decisions we make as parents is the school we send our children to.  We want our children to grow up and learn in a place that reflect our values and can fully maximize their potential as a human beings.  Elementary school represents the foundational years and the foundation set here will be the rock upon which they will build their future. 


We at Imagine Me Leadership Charter School for Boys believe in the genius of children and are committed to their emotional wellness and academic success.

B.Thompson, Principal


Mission & Vision

Imagine Me Leadership Charter School (IMLCS) will provide a positive, nurturing environment along with an exciting, rigorous, academic and cultural program where boys learn to become responsible citizens, life-long learners, and community leaders. They will develop a sense of self by knowing who they are, and what they are expected to become, thus, allowing them to be confident and prepared to face the challenges in a competitive world.

Academic Excellence

Imagine Me Leadership will offer a quality K-4 education for our Leaders’ success in high school, college and beyond. We will offer a high standard curriculum which will include immersion of the natural and social sciences. Thus, delivering education that produce leaders.


Strong School Culture

We believe that a strong school culture is essential for our young leaders of tomorrow. An all male student institution of learning is the best opportunity to focus strictly on developing educated young men from urban communities. We are not only able to increase their options, but enhance their possibilities. Male students perform best in environments that are able to empower them academically and strengthen their character as male leaders.


Parental & Community Involvement



At IMLCS we believe it takes more than just a teacher to educate and build Leaders, and that parents should be involved in the process. We offer an active Parent Association, a Volunteer Internship Program, and many connections with Community Based Organizations.

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