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School Reopening Plan

Parked School Buses


The IMLCS remote and in-person instructional program will prepare all students to be successful throughout the school year. Both forms of learning will provide students with grade-level instruction needed to succeed in each Grade and beyond. The goal of IMLCS is always to sustain student growth and provide equity throughout the learning process.


Schools are more than just places to learn, they are one of the essential anchors that every community depends upon to protect kids, support families, and to give everyone a sense of stability. 

Imagine Me

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IMLCS is committed to being an effective anchor in East New York for our school community. It is with this mission in mind, IMLCS is committed to opening school and providing an effective instructional program via multiple formats: in-person, blended, and full remote.

Based on the dynamic nature of local community transmission of the COVID-19 virus, a phased-in approach to in-person instruction will be implemented to support the success of the reopening process. Below are frequently asked questions that will support you in making an informed decision about the 2020-2021 school year.

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