Each day, scholars are welcomed at the door with a warm greeting from the school breakfast leader. At Imagine Me, scholars are enveloped in a close-knit community where they are known by every adult in the building.


Elementary School

At Imagine Me, we want our scholars to fall in love with learning, and joyful rigor is our formula for high Achievement.

We capture our scholars’ imaginations by introducing them to fascinating subject matter and pressing them to do the intellectual heavy lifting. We constantly ask  them “why?” “how can you prove that?” and “what is the evidence?” We want our scholars to recognize and embrace the power of their own ideas. Our teachers utilize direct instruction and focus on encouraging independent thinking and problem solving in their classrooms. Our scholars spend most of their day exploring, analyzing, discussing, and executing their way through powerful texts, complex math problems, intriguing science experiments, winning chess strategies, and inspiring works of art.

Curriculum & Assessment Tools

The curriculum at IMLCS is designed to serve students of all ability levels and to prepare them for an advanced middle school program. The school’s course of study will be based on the Common Core Learning Standards. This curriculum includes language arts, social studies, mathematics, science, technology, career awareness development and occupational studies, family and consumer sciences, physical education, health education, visual arts, and music. The curriculum is aligned so as to ensure that students successfully meet/exceed goals and benchmarks of the Common Core Learning Standards, as well as perform well on the NYSED assessments.


The school provides high standards of student achievement:

  • Through the delivery of a rigorous academic curriculum

  • By tailoring curriculum to address learning styles of young male leaders.

  • By focusing on students’ strengths and viewing differences as opportunities for growth rather than liabilities

  • By incorporating the best educational practices into the class and the curriculum

  • Through parental involvement opportunities

  • By focusing on the total growth of the developing child

The curriculum is performance-based and processes, rather than results, are emphasized. The school acts on its belief that all children can learn by also providing alternative strategies and programs that serve students who may not be adequately mastering the Common Core Learning Standards or those students with special needs. Accordingly, such students will be provided with additional supervised instruction time and tutoring during non-regular school hours in order to remedy deficient skills and improve performance.

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