At Imagine Me, we want our scholars to fall in love with learning, and joyful rigor is our formula for high Achievement.

We capture our scholars’ imaginations by introducing them to fascinating subject matter and pressing them to do the intellectual heavy lifting. We constantly ask  them “why?” “how can you prove that?” and “what is the evidence?” We want our scholars to recognize and embrace the power of their own ideas. Our teachers utilize direct instruction and focus on encouraging independent thinking and problem solving in their classrooms. Our scholars spend most of their day exploring, analyzing, discussing, and executing their way through powerful texts, complex math problems, intriguing science experiments, winning chess strategies, and inspiring works of art.

Commitment to Equity


Imagine Me Leadership Charter School is committed to the success of all stakeholders.  Whether in-person or remotely, students, families, teachers, and staff are provided with the tools required to expand their academic and social-emotional state of being. We strive to provide a learning environment where all members can develop and sustain success regardless of challenges. We are intentional in our teaching practices and curriculum planning to provide a space for all stakeholders to succeed.

Program Models

To ensure students and staff meet physical distancing requirements to the extent possible for in-person instruction, IMLCS will be offering the following instructional program models:

 Grades Pre- Kindergarten and Kindergarten Program Models

  • Students will follow a five (5) days per week in-person instructional model (Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 3:00 pm)

  • Parents can opt-in to a 100 % remote instruction program model

 Grades 1 - 4 Program Models:

  •  Students will follow a blended learning model consisting of three (3) in-person instructional days and two (2) days of remote instruction.

  • Parents can opt-in to a 100 % remote instruction program model.

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Grades 5-8 (Middle School) Program Models:

  • Students will follow a blended learning model consisting of two cohorts attending school on alternating days of in-person instruction (2 days) and remote learning (3 days).

  • Parents can opt-in to a 100 % remote instruction program model.

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Sample Schedule

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