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IMLCS wants parents, teachers, and students to communicate well and as often as they desire. We use the Jupiter system to keep track of parent-teacher communications, grades, other essential reports. 


healthy students

Why your child needs a physical examination:

Healthier students are better learners. We want to support your child’s health to make your child more successful inside and outside of school. To help manage your child’s health needs in school, we require you and your child’s health care provider to complete certain forms. Using these forms helps assure that your child gets the care and services they need during the school day.

Why your child needs an immunization form:

A healthy school setting gives all students the best chance to learn and grow. Vaccines are very important to this effort. They protect children from getting and spreading diseases that can make them very sick. For this reason, we require children aged 2-months to 18-years-old who are entering or attending child care, public school, or private school be vaccinated against certain diseases.

Medical Exemptions

Parents have the right to apply for exemption from immunization requirements for medical reasons. Medical exemptions must be approved by the NYC Department of Health.


Full Enrollment Packet

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Parent-Leader Handbook

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Individual Enrollment Forms + Info Sheets - Click the folder icon to download your desired form

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